Our Stone Sources

Where does salvage stone come from?

Our salvaged and reclaimed stone materials have a variety of different origins. Sustainable Rock is intimately connected with Catenary Construction, Rochester’s premier historical masonry restoration and preservation company. They’ve preserved and renewed an extensive list of locations found on the National Historic Register.

Many of these projects often require the removal and replacement of old stone material.  Sometimes this can include large blocks and pre cut pieces, broken up cobble size stone of all types, and even architectural accent pieces. These historic pieces are collected, organized, and saved for future use in an effort to help use the past to build the future.

Our new and unused material has a similar back story. Many construction projects require ordering more material than is actually needed. Stone suppliers often sell in bulk and so there is generally some leftover and unused materials. This includes CMU, brick, and stone pieces that are as good as new but available at a discounted price.

We collect all of this material and offer it for sale in order to make better use of important natural resources and give new life to stone with a storied past.

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