Medina Sandstone

Medina Sandstone

Medina sandstone was an extremely popular building material around the end of the 19th century.  This is true not just for Rochester but for the whole world. It was prized for its durability yet was easier to cut and shape than other stone. It’s beautiful natural color was another major draw and could be found in a variety of different colors including red and pink. This visual aesthetic was only improved by the way the stone reacts to natural weathering, creating a deep and beautiful patina that only history can provide.

While sandstone can be found in multiple locations, Medina sandstone was quarried in Medina N.Y. Located just outside of Buffalo, it was in the perfect spot to send quarried stone up and down the Erie Canal. This allowed it to be dispersed not just throughout the country but the world as well. This stone was used to build the N.Y. State Capitol building, The Brooklyn Bridge, and even Buckingham Palace.

Our Medina sandstone has an equally historic past. Its durability and the ease with which it can be worked made Medina sandstone an ideal material for paving streets and sidewalks. Much of our sandstone was once used to build the historic streets of Rochester. These stones saw horse drawn carriages and the rise of the automobile. This material is a literal piece of history with every decade etched into its facade.

More importantly, the Medina sandstone quarries were closed in the 1930s. This means the only way to get your hands on this material is to buy it from people with the skills and means to rescue it. It is a truly rare, wonderfully historic, and highly durable locally sourced material that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Use our Medina Sandstone to add a piece of Rochester history to any project.

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