Salvage Stone

Why use salvage stone?

As Rochester’s best supplier of vintage Medina sandstone and salvaged masonry materials, we have a serious passion for what we do.  We see this as much more than just a way for people to save money on supplies.  We want to help Rochester become a modern economically friendly location.

There is a wide selection of stone available for nearly any construction project. New material can be easy to obtain but it’s missing something important. While this stone can be nice, it often lacks character. You want to build something unique, something that can tell a story, and brand new stone simply can’t do that. When you use antique reclaimed stone, you’re adding history to your new projects and creating a story that can’t be repeated elsewhere.

Harvesting new construction material can also be quite destructive. Every inch of new stone that you see had to be pulled from the Earth. This material requires millions of years to develop and is generally not a renewable resource. When you consider how limited a lot of stone material truly is, it seems extremely wasteful to throw out used stone and harvest new material.

By incorporating salvaged and reclaimed stone, you’re helping to make better use of our precious natural resources.

Cost is another important issue. New stone material needs to be quarried, cut, and shipped from location to location. This not only requires the use of environmentally unfriendly processes but increases the base cost of the material. Salvaged and reclaimed stone has already been quarried and cut, it lived a long life and is now readily available. Our salvaged stone is already waiting for you.

All three of these reasons can be found in our Medina Sandstone. This material once lined the historic streets of Rochester. The same type of stone was used for the Brooklyn Bridge and for Buckingham Palace yet the quarries have been closed since the 1930s. This material is strong, durable, historic, and very difficult to get. It’s an incredible way to add a century of history to any project while using affordable and ecologically friendly reclaimed local material.


Types of Salvage Stone and Materials

Antique Stone

Historic materials such as our Medina Sandstone from Rochester streets have lived a long and useful life.  Salvaged stone is harvested from historic locations that are either undergoing renovation or are being completely demolished.  If we didn’t rescue this material it would be lost and wasted.

Architectural Pieces

Many structures in Rochester and surrounding areas consisted of artistic embellishments and other accent pieces.  In many cases, these pieces might be one of a kind as the molds have been lost or perhaps the piece was hand carved.  Other accent pieces can be more subtle and were once lintels, windows frames, or stair pieces.

New Unused Material

New construction materials are also perfect targets for salvage.  Many construction materials, such as bricks and CMU, must be ordered in bulk.  Sometimes this means companies need to order more material than they actually have use for.  Rather than waste this masonry material, we collect it, save it, and offer it to Rochester and nearby customers at a discounted rate.

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