About Us

About Us

Sustainable Rock was created in order to help make better use of antique and unused construction materials.  It was founded by people with years of experience in the construction industry, people with an intimate knowledge of how materials are both used and, unfortunately, often wasted.

We are closely connected to Catenary Construction, Rochester’s premier historical masonry restoration preservation specialists.  They handle a variety of both new construction and historical restoration.  Both of these project types produce materials that we can offer back to the industry.

Our true reason for being is multifaceted.  Read on to discover why we do what we do and why we believe in it so strongly.

Green Sustainability

Construction is an important part of modern life.  While everyone gets excited about development, there is an undeniable impact on the environment.  There is a cost associated with every inch of material used in any given project.  This is not a monetary cost but an environmental cost.  Every brick, every I beam, every inch of wiring impacts the environment in some way.

The creation of these materials are, in fact, some of the most environmentally costly elements in any construction project.  There are whole industries dedicated to making these materials, industries that employ machinery, equipment, and facilities that have an unavoidable negative impact on our planet.

By using materials that have already been created or harvested, you can significantly cut down on the environmental cost of nearly any construction project.  The cost for these materials, to put it simply, has already been paid.  You can use these materials without worrying about the energy cost and environmental impact.

Historic Preservation

Sustainable Rock was created by people with a serious passion for history.  We believe that the preservation of structures with historic significance is an important goal.  If we fail to preserve what we have then it will crumble before our children can enjoy and experience it as well.

One of the most disconcerting issues in historic preservation is the slow disappearance of historic elements.  Walk through nearly any city and you will see grand, ornate, historic buildings.  Many of these structures are in disrepair and don’t receive the love they need.  Soon, they’ve been left to decay for too long and are removed, piece by piece.

Once an historic location is gone, it’s gone forever.  While this may be a sad outcome, we’ve found a way to continue preserving the past even after its been replaced by the future.  By collecting and preserving historic materials, such as our Medina Sandstone, we are able to give important pieces of history a new chance at life.

Cost Mitigation

A successful construction project requires more than just good materials and a solid foundation.  Every developer all over the world will keep an eye on the costs of their projects.  In fact, cost is such an important consideration that it can be used to judge the success of the entire project.

With this in mind, developers and builders are always looking for a way to cut down on costs.  This can often be tricky as many sub-contractors are competing to offer the best price on their services.  The costs of property and labor often don’t leave much room for any creative cost cutting measures but materials are a different story.

Many construction materials, specifically masonry materials, need to be ordered in bulk sizes.  This creates both material and financial waste.  By collecting this excess material and offering it back at a reduced price, we’ve been able to open a new avenue of cost cutting to developers and builders in the area.

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