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Embodied Energy Conservation

We help Rochester reduce its embodied energy costs with beautiful historic stone

Embodied energy costs are a major concern for companies all over the world.  Everyone is searching for creative ways to reduce their energy costs without sacrificing the quality of their materials or products.  Salvaged materials are a wonderful way to accomplish this!

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Medina Sandstone

Rochester's Medina Sandstone Source

Quarried in nearby Medina, N.Y., this stone was highly prized for it’s aesthetic beauty, durability, and the ease with which is can be worked.  It was such a popular building material, in fact, that many famous landmarks were constructed from it.  Among these are the N.Y. State Capitol Building, The Brooklyn Bridge, and even Buckingham Palace.

With the rise of high quality cement, the demand for sandstone began to wane.  Eventually, the quarries closed in the 1930s.

This means that if you want Medina Sandstone then it will have to be salvaged!  Our sandstone was hand harvested from the streets of old Rochester.  It is more than just a beautiful building material, it is a literal piece of history.


Sustainable Materials

Rochester Salvage Stone

The construction industry is often focused on building something new. This could be a new house, a new commercial building, or simply a new addition.  More often than not, these projects also use new materials.

These materials carry a heavy cost.  Not only is there a monetary cost in creating, shipping, and using these materials but there is an energy cost as well.  Many construction materials use natural elements such as stone and these must be harvested from the Earth.

This sort of energy cost is actually one of the biggest contributing factors in environmental problems.  By using and reusing salvaged construction materials, you can cut down on both the monetary costs and environmental impact of your construction projects.

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